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(S)-Epichlorohydrin cab be used as a chiral API intermediate in several applications including synthesis of 

1) Rivaroxaban, an anticoagulant 

2) Landiolol, an ultra fast acting beta blocker

Other potential applications in

3) Synthesis of fatty acid oxidation inhibitors

Ref: Elfatih Elzein et. al, Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 14(4), 973-977 (2004-3-12)

4) Enantioselective syntheses of hydroxyisoxazolidines

Ref: Tetrahedron Letters 47, 7635-7635, (2006)

5) Enantioselective syntheses of (+)-cis-sylvaticin, a possible antitumor agent

Ref: Timothy J Donohoe et. al, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(42), 13704-13705 (2006-10-19)

6) Total synthesis of Macquarimicins

Ref: Ryosuke Munakata et. al, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125(48), 14722-14723 (2003-12-4), & Ryosuke Munakata et. al, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126(36), 11254-11267 (2004-9-10)

7)  Total synthesis of the macrolide RK-397

Ref: Svetlana A Burova and Frank E McDonald, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 126(8), 2495-2500 (2004-2-26)

CAS Number
(S)- (+)-Epichlorohydrin, (S)-(+)-2-(Chloromethyl)oxirane
Molecular Formula
MDL Number
Chemical Name
(S)- (+)-Epichlorohydrin
Molecular Weight
Boiling Point
92-93 °C/360 mmHg(lit.)
1 gm, 10 Gm & 50 gm in Glass Bottles, Bigger packaging available on request.
Refractive Index
n20/D 1.438(lit.)
1.183 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
Flash Point
89.6 °F / 32 °C

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