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Rhodium Catalysts | Synthesis with Catalysts

Rhodium Catalysts

Rhodium Catalysts can be used for C-H bond activation leading to viable development of several valuable organic molecules.

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Ruthenium Catalysts | Synthesis with Catalysts

Ruthenium Catalysts

Highly active for olefin metathesis and transfer hydrogenation reactions. Chiral Ruthenium catalysts are used for enantioselective hydrogenation reactions

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Iridium Catalysts | Synthesis with Catalysts

Iridium Catalysts

Iridium Catalysts are active for hydrogenation of sterically congested & electronically deactivated ketones and exhibiting high chemoselectivity

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Palladium Catalysts | Synthesis with Catalysts

Palladium Catalysts

Palladium Catalysts are highly versatile, stereo and regiospecific catalysts for C-C bond formation reactions like Stille and Sonogashira coupling reactions

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Jacobsen's Catalysts | Synthesis with Catalysts

Jacobsen's Catalysts

Jacobsen's Catalysts for enantioselective transformation of prochiral alkenes into epoxides are very important for the pharma industry.

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Ligands | Synthesis with Catalysts


Chiral or non-chiral ligands bind to metal atoms to form a catalyst that can be used to provide regio, stereo or enantioselectivity to the desired process.

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API Intermediates | Synthesis with Catalysts

API Intermediates

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) is the active ingredient of a medicine, & an intermediate is a material in process of becoming an API from a raw material

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Specialty Chemicals | Synthesis with Catalysts

Specialty Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals like elastomers, adhesives and fragrances provide special properties or advantages that can be used to develop several useful products.

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