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Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer

Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer

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Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer is a catalyst facilitating oxygenative addition to terminal alkynes for a greener synthesis to esters, amides, and carboxylic acids.

Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer is a precursor for organo rhodium, and is a catalyst for cyclization, homocoupling, and 1,2 and 1,4 addition reactions

Ryo Shintani et. al

Angewandte Chemie (International ed. in English), 46(20), 3735-3737 (2007-4-5)

CAS Number
(Cyclooctadiene)rhodium hydroxide dimer, 1,5-Cyclooctadiene)hydroxyrhodium dimer, Bis(cyclooctadiene)dihydroxodirhodium, Bis[(1,2,5,6-η)-1,5-cyclooctadiene]di--μ-hydroxydirhodium, Bis[(1,5-cyclooctadiene)(hydroxy)rhodium], [Rh(OH)(1,5-cod)]2
Molecular Formula
MDL Number
Chemical Name
Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer
Molecular Weight
Melting Point
199 °C
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Hydroxy(cyclooctadiene)rhodium(I) dimer | Synthesis with Catalysts


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