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Glycidol has several applications 

1) Synthesis of hyperbranched polyglycerols (hPG) for application in development of antifouling surfaces

Ref: Xiuzhong Zhu et. al Polymers 2019, 11(5), 895

2) Synthesis of ethoxy ethyl glycidyl ether

Ref: Rajesh A Shenoi et. al, Biomacromolecules, 13(10), 3018-3030 (2012-8-28)

3) Preparation of chelating polymers for borate removal

Ref: Javix Thomas et. al, Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany), 17(16), 4582-4587 (2011-3-25)

Other applications of glycidol include use as stabilizer for natural oils and vinyl polymers and as a demulsifier, as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of glycerol, glycidyl ethers, esters and amines,  pharmaceutical intermediate, sanitary chemicals, sterilizing milk of magnesia, and as a gelation agent in solid propellants 


[2] Glycidol may also be used in the preparation of chelating polymers for borate removal.[3][4]

CAS Number
(±)-Glycidol, (±)-Oxirane-2-methanol, 2,3-Epoxy-1-propanol, Glycerolglycide
Molecular Formula
MDL Number
Chemical Name
Molecular Weight
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